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Last year, the phenomenal Billy Porter performed at the Equality Utah Allies Gala. His message could not have been more prophetic:

“It is time to use our powers of authenticity to connect the seemingly unconnected. We are living in a time of uncertainty. It is our responsibility as human beings in this moment toteach the world how to reconnect — how to love again.”

Artists, environmentalists and native elders have been warning us for some time that we are not living in equilibrium with the planet. We are divided, disconnected and out ofbalance. COVID-19 may have been our greatest teacher yet, reminding us that we are all tender and interconnected.

The people of our world can learn more from our pagans, wiccans, faeries, shamans, earth-scientists and eco-queers.

When the immediate crisis has passed, we will sing and dance together again — with greater awareness of our necessity to pull closer, care for our most vulnerable and reimagine how we better live together on planet Earth.

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