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Our culture

Historically, gay bars and taverns were the places we discovered and built our community. Joe Redburn opened the legendary Sun Tavern in 1973. Before we had LGBTQ-centric political organizations and community centers, we had bars. These cherished places became crucial hubs to connect socially, gather information and begin organizing.

Another critical gathering place was The Utah Stonewall Center, which opened in 1992 to provide a space for the LGBTQ community to gather in safety. In later years, the Center would eventually become the Utah Pride Center, and continue its mission to empower and celebrate our diverse community.

Connecting these two spaces is Utah legend, Nikki Boyer. As one of the original bartenders at the Sun Tavern, she went on to own her own bars. Later, she remains one of the pillars of our community, serving on the board of directors for both the Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah.

The Sun Tavern was the most prominent and beloved of the early gay bars. It was unfortunately destroyed by a tornado in 1999. But the wrath of god never frightened us. Today, the Sun Trapp pays homage to the original Sun, and continues to be a gathering place for multiple generations of LGBTQ Utahns.

The Utah Pride Center dedicated its new building in June of 2018.