Beyond the Binary

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Our siblings

Not every life is black or white. Not every person fits within the male/female binary. There are those in our community whose presence of life is simply too big to be contained by traditional categories. To be transgender, non-binary or intersex is to understand oneself beyond how we are assigned on our birth certificate. Is it any wonder the word “transcendence” begins with “trans”?

Some indigenous cultures recognize the variance of human expression and welcome third gender or “two- spirit” roles and identities. In the United States, we’re still struggling to create space for gender variance in our society. Yes, some of us use “they/them” pronouns. Why?

Because we contain multitudes.

Locally, we have several advocates working through Transgender Education Advocates of Utah, Trans Action at the Utah Pride Center, the Transgender Inclusion Project, Genderbands in Utah County and the Transgender Advisory Council at Equality Utah. All of these organizations work to honor the dignityof those among us who refuse to be narrowly defined. We recognize that no matter how a person identifies, we are all siblings, all part of the diverse and complex human family.